who is unusualsusan?

Hello! I am unusualsusan – or more accurately the Susan behind unusualsusan the brand. I am a multidisciplinary design professional born and raised in Georgetown, Maine.

In January 2019 I began reconnecting with old friends and over time I realized the phrase “Struggle Onward” began to frequent our conversations and became something of a personal mantra for me. It was then I began working on what would become my first independent product launch and first kickstarter campaign. I first released the design concept on Instagram in support of pride month and officially launched the Kickstarter campaign on February 16th 2020. 

Everyone has their own struggles and in a time where often the future seems dire – we can find camaraderie together as we struggle onward. Pay respect to our efforts, feelings, and difficulties and commit to moving onward with an open mind – inspired to see a brighter future. 

The support I found for this design has been greater than I anticipated. This lead to me applying the design to a wider variety of products and launching this brand. 

I strive to always be authentic and believe that this translates to the work that I create. With a passion for creative problem solving I have the tenacity to turn big ideas into reality. If you have a big idea you’d like to see come to life – reach out! I may be able to help.

Need to know more? or want to collaborate on a project? perhaps you’d like to inquire about a bulk wholesale order or even request a custom design? Feel free to send me an email – click the button below to get started.

Talk Soon!

2022 Susan Harkins Artist Portrait
Susan Harkins